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Gray cat


"Ahhh! White cat Choo Choo is me!"
Family Anais
Birthday Monday, October 01, 2007
Town Pendle Hill
Tags Affectionate Japanese Bobtail Hide & Seeker 

More about Coconut ...

Coconut followed me into the library through the automated doors. He sat next to me while I was on the computer. I was told to take "my" cat out so I walked home and he followed me the whole thirty minute walk!

Whiskas Catclub member since May 2010
Pledge 132038 Founding Member
Coconut is loved by:
Meggan and Cougs , Penny and Max , Judy and Chantilly , Kate and Jessie , Christina and (Christmas) Noele , Yelena and Honey , Bev and Graham Kittypuss , Milena and Coco , Stacey and Cody , Dianne and Tiger , Alice and Susan and Theodora (aka Theo) , celise and Wookie , Rachael and Gremlin , Bridgette and Tucker , Jean and Jazz , Donna and Amazing Grace , Rosalee and Tassy , Nikki and Mr Maloo , Ann and Spike , Margherita and Joy and 25 other cat club members

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Scratching Post

15/09/2011 linda and milly said:
"Hello Little Coconut xxx <3"
15/09/2011 linda and milly said:
"Hello Little Coconut xxx <3"
20/04/2011 Judy and Chantilly said:
"A beautiful white kitty!!"
10/02/2011 Kristy and Popo said:
"Hi Coconut! Lovely story of how you met Anais! Love from Popo (P.S my name means 'Coconut' too hehe) xxx"
13/12/2010 Jenny and Apollo said:
"Merry CHristmas Coconut love Apollo and Archimedes"
02/12/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"your tree and the present in your stocking xxx Happy xmas little white cat xxxxx"
02/12/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"some childhood fun because we all still have a little bit of all of these inside .Coconut will be the angel in your xmas ,the elf under >>>>"
02/12/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"Where we can so we are leaving you a little bit of ginger magic for xmas to help you along the way .xxxx Sending you some cheer >>>>>>"
02/12/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"Hey coconut sometimes we have to make a little magic happen by ourselves Xmas is also a time to move forward and change stuff >>>>>"
29/11/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"Hello coconut where have you been hiding ?? I would love to see a xmas pic of you ,do you have one yet ? Happy Ginger xmas to you <3"
25/10/2010 linda and milly said:
"helooo Coconut.. we miss you xxx"
25/10/2010 linda and milly said:
"helooo Coconut.. we miss you xxx"
22/09/2010 Carol and Toffee sweetie-pie=^..^= said:
"Hi Coconut Toffee & Minx say good to see ya gorgeous missed your lovely smiling face. Only realised we were in tp20 today too whoohoo"
19/09/2010 Yelena and Honey said:
"helooooo sweety, we liked you from day one and loved voting for ... great we can still stay in touch"
17/09/2010 Rachael and Gremlin said:
"Thank you Coconut!! XXX"
16/09/2010 Nicole and KARELLA >>Oh So Favourites Mmm said:
"so on that thought congratulations for making the top 20 NSW like me a pat on the back for us both given Whiskas has forgotten!"
16/09/2010 Nicole and KARELLA >>Oh So Favourites Mmm said:
"seems the rest of us were just forgotten and we all put a lot into this competition I think you are from the same state as me"
16/09/2010 Nicole and KARELLA >>Oh So Favourites Mmm said:
"Hi Coconut read your message on Jessies page to return love this cat. I agree with you dissapointed about any acknowledgement"
16/09/2010 Rosalee and Tassy said:
"Hi good to see you again, we missed you. Love Gemma & Tassy xx"
15/09/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"xxx hello xxxx"
15/09/2010 Nikki and Mr Maloo said:
"not sure if it will be put on teh site though!"
15/09/2010 Nikki and Mr Maloo said:
"hi coconut! mum got a call last week saying i had won. I believe the top 20 from each state are going to get something in the mail"
15/09/2010 Anais and Coconut said:
"I am very disappointed with Whiskas! Where was the top 20 lists for each state? The build up? The excitement? It seems the winners have been choosen without any announcement on the website. I wanted to at least see how Coconut and my friends did. Just a bit of hope and something to look forward to after being such a loyal customer and on the site so often. This is really sad and anticlimatic. What happened!?"
09/09/2010 Dianne and Tiger said:
"Coconut my mums been building a pirate ship for the library for ITLP Day we had cardboard & paint everywhere I kept stealing her brushes)"
08/09/2010 Bev and Graham Kittypuss said:
"Hi Coconut, nice to meet you."
08/09/2010 Meggan and Cougs said:
"Hi again, I have missed you, love Cougs xxx"
08/09/2010 Anais and Coconut said:
"Thanks Milly. Can't wait till they tell us where we are ranked in the state!!!!"
06/09/2010 linda and milly said:
"hello sweet little coconut.. miss you"

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