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Gray cat
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Khat Drogo from Carrum Downs

A warrior! Khat Drogo loves to hunt both humans and mice. He is also a very smart dresser. Meow.

Mittens from Carrum Downs

Mittens is a gorgeous Ragdoll cat with white mittens! She loves cuddles and to play with our kids..

2 yr old female

Affectionate Ragdoll Climber

casper from carrum downs

casper is a10 year old chocolate point siamese. He has been on two aeroplane flights . He is very talkative and wants to sit on me all the time and sleeps IN my bed

Rosie from carrum downs

cute and friendly

2 yr old female

Friendly Burmilla Hide & Seeker

Freddie from carrum downs

All black fluffy kitten who was abandoned in a dumpster and is still very timid,

2 yr old male

Suspicious Bombay Stalker

gizmo from carrum downs

cute and cuddly and funny

3 yr old female

Playful Ragdoll Scratcher

mittens from carrum downs

multicolored affectionate

7 yr old female

Lazy Manx Scratcher

Tigger from Carrum Downs

Tigger is a ginger kitty who has stripes like a tiger.

fifi from carrum downs

pretty long hair mamalade

dexter from Carrum Downs

my cat is very affectionate and i reckon half the time he thinks he a dog

Switch from Carrum Downs

A female ginger and white most ginger cats are male

Fluffy from Carrum Downs

She's a very cheeky Devil. She loves to play. She bites you if you don't feed her, and is an adventurer

Buster from Carrum Downs

He is a big sook. He loves his pats, He is black and white. Mainly black smudges on his body. He cries when im not home. He loves the whiskas treats, He goes nuts over them. Last but not least, He's a mummies boy

Fairy from Carrum Downs

Fairy loves a pat but also loves being in a safe bed hiding in the house someplace.

Dusty from Carrum Downs

My cat dusty is like a human-She's up with you in the morning and sleep when we are. She loves getting into the shopping bags wether they are plastic or material, she will also hide behind things in the room and jump out in front when walking past. she gets into our hair ties and flips them up.

Mali from Carrum Downs

Lovable fur ball who can loves to give us all attention!

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