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Gray cat
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Tiger from Coffs Harbour

she my crazy litle kitten

1 yr old female

Playful ginger Hide & Seeker

Tiger from Coffs Harbour

Lazy, talker

9 yr old male

Lazy Burmese Lazybones

BJ from Coffs Harbour

He can be a real naughty boy and really cuddly boy

6 yr old male

Rebellious Siamese Explorer

Molly from Coffs Harbour

She is 14 yrs old and still acts like a kitten.

15 yr old female

Fearless Maine Coon Sun Bather

Tina from Coffs Harbour

My Cat is very inquisitive and super dooper cute. She loves to look at herself and can spend alot of time looking in the mirror

Missy from Coffs Harbour

She is very vocial and likes to have a say in everything

Kitten from coffs harbour

Kitten is a gorgeous sealpoint who can be affectionate when she wants, she is very intelligent, "talks" to me when she wants certain things like going outside on her lead and when she wants me to play with her toys.

6 yr old female

Smart Ragdoll Intelligent

Minki from coffs harbour

Our girl Minki is a beautiful, loving girl who loves attention from everybody,

Babies from coffs harbour

We have 9 playfull, cuddly ragdoll babies, so cute.

4 yr old female

Playful Ragdoll cuddly

Hunter from coffs harbour

Hunter is a sentative new age cat (snac), he is a gorgeous ,affectionate, loving boy who sometimes like to show off, he is also a good dad, helps the girls clean and groom the kids (kittens), everything you like to see in a male.

7 yr old male

Happy Ragdoll Show-Off

Cleo from Coffs Harbour

Cleo a chilled out cat al she wants to do all day is sleep.

zelda from Coffs Harbour

Black and white, glossy coat. Sweet temperament, very tiny meouw...more like a loud squeak

daisy from Coffs Harbour

Extremely Playful, Cheeky, loving,affectionate, an extreme purrer

Ace from Coffs Harbour

He's my little shadow and his purr sends me to sleep every night

louie d'vine from Coffs Harbour

Louie is a beautiful blue point rag doll. He is very playful and at times he is absolutely insane and flys around the house at a hundred miles an hour. He loves to play with his brother Ruben. He is very loving and better than perfect. He makes us laugh so much.

5 yr old male

Affectionate Ragdoll Stalker

minx from Coffs Harbour

She is Feisty, playful, intrigued by everything, loves our dogs - they are the best of friends. She is black and white and has a white moustache - she is devoted to her mum and loves to pounce on the covers of the bed

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