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Gray cat
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Sniff from Morphett Vale

Sniff is an active, curious kitten.

Scratch from Morphett Vale

Scratch is an active, curious kitten, who loves her food and everyone else's!

Simba from Morphett Vale

Simba was an abandoned teenage mum with two 8 week old kittens when we adopted her and her babies from the RSPCA. We love her to bits!

11:45 from Morphett Vale

AKA 'Levee' Im a lover of perfume and long snoozes in the sun.

6 yr old male

Suspicious Bombay Sun Bather

Pop-Tart from Morphett Vale

I love to watch figure skating & cricket. I spend my days snoozing in hidey-holes and climbing. My favourite foods are vegemite toast & crunchy nut cereal.

Miss from Morphett Vale

Split personality you never know if she's going to be standoffish or extremely affectionate. She loves us but doesn't like others. Can be very playful & mischievous, hence her name.

Smokey from Morphett Vale

He is very affectionate,he loves smooches and cuddles.he is also a gentel giant who all ways welcomes you home.Amuses us with his mad moments


Affectionate and demanding

Sooty from Morphett Vale

tuxedo cat. Friendly. Lovable. Loves toilets. Loves cuddles


Totally cute and loves all the attention

Salem from Morphett Vale

A sweet little Siamese x we rescued from the RSPCA. She's so sweet, she's constantly checking in to make sure we're still here...

5 yr old female

Scaredy Cat Siamese Homebody

Mickey from Morphett Vale

Ginger female, petite and crazy, lol

3 yr old female

Affectionate Petite Stalker

Belle from Morphett Vale

Cuddly, beautiful - a little lady

Tiberius from Morphett Vale

He's a beautiful cream bi-colour ragdoll with a friendly personality.

rodga from morphett vale

very playfull lazy cute funny tiny

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