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Gray cat
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Bruce from MANDURAH

Bruce is amazing! He's more like a puppy understanding commands and is always by our side. His affection overwhelms us daily. He likes to hide inside boxes or crates and loves finding a pile of paperwork, then making it his bed. He shares his love equally + loves people :)

Bobby from Mandurah

Bobby is a big eater..yells his lungs out till he gets food. He is cheeky, smart and makes us smile. Bob the cat is cool... lol

skyrim from mandurah

He is one of the most loving and relaxed cats I have met <3

tomus jay from mandurah

tomusjay, is an amazing cat, if he passed away i wouldnt know what to to, this cat has been in my life for so long! at night he will come up and put his arms aroung mt neck and cuddle me. i love this cat so much that no one would understand. even if i think about him passing away i cry! i love my ca

6 yr old male

amazing tabbi Water-lover

Ruby from Mandurah

Grey and black striped with a white belly :)

Ninja from Greenfields, Mandurah

Ginger Tabby, 5 weeks old.

NINJAH from mandurah


4 yr old male

Mysterious Snow Shoe Climber

boots from mandurah


4 yr old male

Vocal Snow Shoe Nightstalker

Harry from Mandurah

Harry is a very cuddly cat. Although he seems to think it is cute to bite peoples noses.

4 yr old male

Affectionate Burmese Thief

Lilly from Mandurah

Lilly is the prettyest cat. She LOVES headbutting people, and to pretend to hate the other cats.

5 yr old female

Affectionate Birman Sun Bather

Scabbers from Mandurah

Scabbers is adorable. She always looks like she is glaring at everyone but she really is very sweet.

7 yr old female

Serious Burmese Nightstalker

Crookshanks from Mandurah

Crookshanks is my bestfriend. He is the best cat around, he is very cuddly and i love him.. even if he has a bit of a temper.

9 yr old male

Caring Ragdoll Lazybones

T bone from mandurah

he is special to all of us

Mindy from Erskine Mandurah

She is special because she always follows me everywhere she miows when she wants to go outside and always wants me to be there for protection. She also likes to hide under a rolled up mat and catch feathers or anything that moves.

Milo from Mandurah

cute, wild and playful

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