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Gray cat
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Hedges from Lower Plenty

Shes gorgeous, medium hair orange and white, lazy, loud and very affecionate

11 yr old female

Friendly domestic Lazybones

Moses from North St Marys

She is an adventurous, happy-go-lucky kitten!

11 mth old female

Inquisitive Domestic Explorer

Ollie from Carina

Ollie loves to play with his friends Jack and Garfield. He loves to sleep in the castle bed he has from the better homes and gardens show. He has been on better homes and gardens for his bed and is a finalist for a calendar competition. He loves to dress up and is very affectionate.

Angus from Smithfield Plains

Black and white handsome short haired cat, bit solid cute cat, i also have 2 other rescued cats that were strays that i rescued as babys , one has broken bones that i got treated the other has one eye removed that i got treated

Max from Wyndhamvale

Max is very cuddly ,he loves to play with his toys , he is so funny to watch when he is playing , he runs up and down the hall way straight into his tunnel. Sometimes he likes to climb up the curtains and tat is not funny. I think his favourite thing to do is eat his food .

1 yr old male

Active Domestic Explorer

Misty from Wodonga

She's playful for 99% of the day, however after eating dinner she's for that 1% sleepy and falls asleep in your arms for hours :)

1 yr old female

Active Domestic Hide & Seeker

Louis from Mawson Lakes

Louis is a gorgeous little ginger boy from a shelter in Adelaide. He has unique patterns and a white band of fur around his right hind leg

2 yr old male

Playful Domestic Climber

Smokey little from tallangtta

a small male black cat. He loves to play and loves back and bum tickles

2 yr old male

Active domestic Explorer

Tiger from Cambridge Park

She's extremely cheeky and nosy!

2 yr old female

Affectionate Domestic Explorer

Wicca from Clarkson

All Black, very solid and extremely handsome.

Nemo from Point Cook

He is king of the house

12 yr old male

Mysterious Domestic Sleepyhead

storm from Paralowie

Storm is very inquisitive, playful and affectinate. Storm loves his food and everytime he hears the pantry door opens he comes running. Often see Storm running through our vegetable garden trying to catch anything that moves.

2 yr old male

Rebellious Domestic Explorer

sebastian from melton south

we love sebastian cuz hes so cuddely n loves curling up wth u in bed

2 yr old female

Happy domestic Explorer

Lily from Willetton

black and white fluff ball, with claws that can scratch you eyeballs out in a single swipe. lily can be playful and lazy at the same time. she shows no mercy when you anger her. C:

Coco from Maryland

She likes to cuddle and likes her food

2 yr old female

Happy Domestic Jumping Jack

Alice from Maryland

Beautiful,likes to cuddle, playful

2 yr old female

Affectionate Domestic Show-Off

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