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The beautiful Burmilla sprang up in the United Kingdom in 1981, as a result of an accidental mating between a Chinchilla Persian male and a Lilac Burmese female. The offspring were so impressive it was decided to proceed with a breeding program.

The Burmilla is a cat of Burmese type and temperament but its most impressive feature is the sparkling shaded or tipped coat. The ground colour is pure silver white.

The eyes are outlined in a dark colour giving a magnificent contrast and the appearance of a mascara lining.

The Burmilla is elegant and of medium foreign type with a muscular body, long sturdy legs and a moderately thick, long tail. The head is a medium wedge, with large ears, a short nose and large expressive eyes. Since the Burmilla carries a recessive long-haired gene from the Chinchilla, long-haired kittens appear from time to time.

This long-haired coat however, does not tangle and requires little grooming. Easy-going and relaxed, the Burmilla makes an affectionate and ideal family pet. It is energetic and loving, making it an excellent companion.


State Contact Breeder  
NSW Christine Smith Cenedra Contact
NSW Lynette Varney Norlyn Contact
TAS Sally Tonks Ewenique Contact
NSW Yvonne Curran Currellen Contact
SA Lisa Williams Vantastic Contact
QLD Glenys McLaughlin Russglen Contact
WA CAROLE GALLI Roconrole Contact
VIC Dee & Vince Ferella Minga Contact
NSW Kylie Mace Le Beau Contact
WA Sue and Chris Jordan ragroyale Contact
WA Pamela Weeding Cinders Contact
WA Gloria Evans Raggedy Contact
NSW Tina Teasdale Shantinga Tolleron Contact
QLD Sue Campbell ashbury Contact
QLD Valerie Stewart SHEZARDA Contact
VIC Michele Ristuccia Miamber Contact


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