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Gray cat
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Monster from Lenah Valley

A runt-of-the-litter black kitty

Loki from Lenah Valley

A depry little black and white kitty

Kero from croydon

My cat is special coz his my little man and his always entertaining. He gets into so much trouble

Trixie from Bunbury

Trixie is a rescue cat that we took home to "foster" until her forever home could be found , but she won our hearts and we couldn't bear to let her go so she is now our girl. She is a piggy who loves to eat and sleep , She is a great surrogate mummy to our foster kittens.

Casey from Bunbury

Our beautiful boy is such a smooch boy , he loves snuggling under the blankets with us on cold nights. We just love coming home to him. We also foster care up to 3 kittens at a time for a local rescue and he treats them so well and loves having them around (well most of the time) .We just love him.

Sofia from Ardrossan

She is a beautiful, little sweetheart

Harry from Kallangur

He's fabulous

5 mth old male

Cute Persian Sleepyhead

Gizmo from Ringwood

Gizmo is a short haired tabby who was found dumped at a workplace. He was rescued at 3.5 weeks of age and I have hand reared him since. He is a fiesty little boy who is very playful and bitey. He is well toilet trained already and loves his Whiskas Kitten milk and food.

Paris from Sebastopol

Loving caring and playful ..... I fostered her and she holds a special place In my heart

2 mth old female

Affectionate Torbie Lazybones

Moocow from Ferntree gully

She lived in a shed with a feral cat, she was so timid and scared I couldn't not adopt her, she was always a cave dweller until 1 day when she stopped getting scared. She ran away for 6 months a year later, she returned skinny with her collar imbedded in her armpit, now she is social with everyone!

??????? from Kurganinsk

Ленивый рыжий кот

1 yr old male

Cheerful Bengal Lazybones

pixie from eldorado

smaller than her sisters but an independent girl

maggie from eldorado

she adores being with and around you

dixie from eldorado

walks slowly but can pounce quickly

tooties from eldorado

she has a kind nature and loving eyes and is a great mum to her 4 girls

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