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Cats can be the most intriguing member of the family, which is why WHISKAS® are here to help with our blog. We work closely with The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition to offer quality information to help you get closer to your little friend.

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Shedding fur


Cats can spend 15% of their waking hours grooming, and it is natural for them to begin moulting as the weather heats up.


As your furry friend begins to shed their winter coat, it's even more important to brush and groom your little cat. Not only is helping them groom a good way to reduce fur balls – it also gives you some quality bonding time.


Try to develop a regular routine at a time when both you and your cat are relaxed. Start by keeping the sessions short and positive, and always stop before they protest.

Brush your cat slowly, combing in the direction of hair growth to smooth the coat and remove any minor knots or tangles.


As your little lion learns to enjoy the sessions, you can make them longer, and soon, it will become a time of day you both look forward to!

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