Milk Plus Lactose Free

Milk Plus Lactose Free

1 Litre

WHISKAS® knows cats. That’s why WHISKAS® MILK PLUS™ contains the goodness of milk and added essential nutrients, for a happy, healthy life.

Also available in 3 x 250mL Cartons


Feeding Guidelines

The recommended serving size is up to 100 mL per day. This product is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding only.

Shake well before opening. After opening, this product will keep for 7 days if kept refrigerated at 4°C.


Milk; water; malt; sucrose; salt; emulsifier; vegetable gum; taurine; lactase enzyme; thiamine.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein 3.2%
  • Crude Fat 3.3%
  • Salt 0.4%
  • Lactose 0%
  • Calcium 100mg/100mL
  • Taurine 34mg/100mL
  • Thiamine .2mg/100mL
  • Metabolisable Energy 71kcal/100mL

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